Town Business Profile


Come see why Roger Brooks, Founder and CEO of Destination Development Inc. said: "We were prepared to be wowed by Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg, but the big surprise was Mahone Bay. What a treasure. It is obvious that the community has been working together to make their downtown a wonderful destination."

If you build it they will come and over the years Mahone Bay's Visitor Information Centre continues to register the highest number of visitors than any other Centre on the South Shore. Impressive for a community of roughly 900 people. 

The town is filled with high-end boutiques, eateries and craft shops designed to appeal to visitors and tourists who arrive by car, bus, plane and boat. Some businesses choose to open during 'the season' which can span from May to December. On the outskirts of Main Street lies a plastics factory which greatly contributes to the town's taxes helping to ensure that services and facilities are kept in good order. 

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