Days of yore...

Oh the lore of days of yore. Mahone Bay, a treasure since 1754, where Pirates and privateers lived the stuff of which modern movies are made.

The word "mahone" is derived from a French term for the speedy low-lying craft used by pirates to stash their booty and escape the authorities.

It was the British, though, who colonized the area in 1753 and brought European settlers to the lands of what is present day Lunenburg County. These hardy Protestant settlers, from Germany and Switzerland, farmed large plots of land in an area that was better suited for more marine-like endeavours. As time unfolded, and with true Germanic zest, Mahone Bay became known for it's fine ship building yards and fishing fleets. And now, one doesn't  have to go far to hear a German surname or the characteristic accent of todays carpenters and fishermen alike!

 Mahone Bay is a superb example of a town that has evolved with the centuries. Throughout our town, well maintained, century-old houses and buildings bear witness to the founders' legacy. Many are now Bed & Breakfasts, art studios, artisans' shops and eclectic boutiques, restaurants and cafés, all embracing that spirit of quality workmanship and service.

Settlers still arrive from all over the world to make Mahone Bay their home. Visit with us and see why.

For more history on Mahone Bay please visit our Settlers Museum