26 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Visit Mahone Bay


1. It's a pretty average place

Photo by Vision Air Images of Mahone Bay

2. With pretty average views

Photo by Becky Herman of the three churches

3. The traffic is horrendous

Photo by Barbara Feeney during the Father Christmas festival

4. Awful work/life balance

Photo by Callen Singer Photography at the Hub South Shore

5. Nothing to take a picture of

Photo by Vaughn Mullen / Outdoor Nova Scotia

6. Living next to the ocean must be so boring

Photo of the Sorca by David Welsford

7. Why would anyone want to get that close to the water?

Photo by Jonathan Shadford, Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival

8. All the houses are so dull and grey

Photo by Betty Meredith looking across to Amos Pewter

9. The architecture is so plain and boring

Photo by Betty Meredith of the Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast

10. Nothing to see here, move along

Scarecrow Festival

11. The sun gets in your eyes

Photo by Lloyd Westhaver at Indian Point

12. Imagine waking up to this terrible view every morning

Photo by Betty Meredith from Edgewater Street

13. No one wants to spend an afternoon out in one of these

Photo by Betty Meredith during Schooner Week

14. Snow doesn't make the town look like a magical fairyland at all

Photo by Lloyd Westhaver looking down Edgewater Street

15. Why does the fall have to be so colourful?

Photo by Betty Meredith of the Three Churches

16. This looks like a horrible place to hang out

Photo from Oakland by Catherine Rose Photography

17. They only just got their own micro brewery

Photo by Saltbox Brewery at 363 Main St

18. The market is covered in pumpkins

Photo by Betty Meredith of Jo-Ann's Deli

19. The shops are so uninviting

Photo by Betty Meredith along Main St.

20. Who wants handcrafted stuff anyway?

Photo by Seamist Studio of their Mahone Bay nautical pendant

21. There are no local products for sale

Photo by Haskapa at their store on Main St

22. What's with the sunsets?

Photo from Oakland by Lloyd Westhaver

23. There are no fun cultural festivals

Photo by Meg Craig Photography of the Scarecrow Festival & Antique Fair

24. The Father Christmas Festival is totally lacking in atmosphere

Photo by Richard Novossiltzeff of the Father Chisrtmas Festival

25. Strolling around the Sunday market? How pedestrian

Photo by Callen Singer Photography

26. Who can relax with all this scenery going on?

Photo by Vaughn Mullen / Outdoor Nova Scotia