Beach Array



The hard part about living by the sea? There are too many beaches to mention them all! You can visit one or two for the day, or try beach-bouncing and see which one you like best, then go back the next day! Here are a few favourites within an hour of your home-away-from-home:



Carter’s (50-minute drive) One of the most spectacular beaches of the South Shore featuring white sand and turquoise water. To look at it, you’ll wonder how you ended up in the Caribbean!



Beach Meadows (40-minute drive.) Another white-sand beach, long and expansive, in view of Coffin Island (pretty – not spooky!), and ideal for building sand-castles, or sand-turtles.



Cherry Hill (40-minute drive). More rocky than sandy, this stunning beach is a favourite for surfers. Look for seals!



Rissers (35-minute drive). Fully outfitted with campgrounds and a scenic boardwalk through the protected marsh, Rissers is an all-round favourite. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months on this pristine white-sand beach equipped with showers and bathrooms.



Crescent (35-minute drive). Just down the road from Rissers, Crescent Beach is connected to the gorgeous LaHave Islands. You can drive down onto the sand and enjoy the view, or watch the kite-surfers skim the waves.



Hirtle’s (30-minute drive). A long curving beach backed by two lagoons and unforgettable drumlin cliffs make you feel like you’re at the edge of the world. Not a fan of the waves that crash onto this beach? Swim in the calm lagoons instead where the water tends to be warmer or hike the Gaff Point hike that starts at one end of the beach.



Sand Dollar (25-minute drive). The best place to wade, Sand Dollar Beach is known for, you guessed it, a healthy pocketful of sand dollars visible. Don’t pick up the furry ones — they’re still alive! Time your trip to coincide with low tide.



Mushamush Lake (20-minute drive). Fun to say, fun to play. If you’re looking for a freshwater beach, look no further than Mushamush. The water’s warm and you’ll often hear loons calling! A popular spot for families during the summer months.



Bachman’s (20-minute drive). Calm and secluded, this local favourite is a wonderful spot to wile away the hours. Look for hermit crabs, snorkel or just float on your back and watch for the osprey that nests nearby. This is a lovely place to watch the sun go down.



Westhaver (7-minute drive). Just want to duck out for a short break from the hustle and bustle of Mahone Bay? Westhaver is the closest spot to relax at the beach — and you might even find some cool beach glass!