From our brew masters to our wine makers, from our farmers to our sherman, we have taken the art of cooking to new heights. Nova Scotians have a passion for local food and during your visit you will have many opportunities to taste our world-renowned seafood, organically grown produce and award winning wines.

What better way to fully immerse yourself in a Nova Scotia vacation than by experiencing our local cuisine?


You can cook your own lobster, pack a picnic lunch with a lobster sandwich and blueberry pie or dine in one of our restaurants or pubs where you can enjoy fine fish&chips, fresh fishcakes, chowder, mussels or scallops just to name a few favourites. 

Feel the local life in the atmosphere of a traditional-style English pub

A popular spot in the centre of town with views across the bay

Quaint restaurant offering local food

Drip and espresso coffees with a great selection of pastries and breads

Community cafe and bookstore serving homemade, handmade goodness

The local small-batch craft beer brewery

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